A good strong brew

I'm giving that tea a go already. The one I mentioned in yesterday's post.
I've woken up this morning with the feeling of a cold coming on. I'm dosing up on echinacea, and vitamin C, and lots of this good strong brew. I can feel it working.
Isla is sitting on my knee while I type this slurping away on her own cup full. She's into strong flavours this one!

Aaron is away this week in Bangkok for work, and we are missing him dearly.
Though I was very excited to recieve a phone call yesterday - "I'm in a Japanese book shop standing in front of lots and lots of Japanese craft magazines. Which ones did you want?" - um, can we just swap bodies right now for say maybe half an hour! Oh if only I could have been there - though perhaps it would not be such a great idea, I'd want to buy the whole shop.

So anyway, here's hoping this cold goes away quick smart, and Aaron returns quick smart too. But in the mean time, mum has arrived today to keep us company for a bit. Yay. And tomorrow, we're off to a find a frame for the most wonderful painting she bought with her.
I can't wait to show you!


julie said...

Hope this beginning of a cold is kept under control. It's great to have your mum for company and Japanese mags to look forward to :)

Jessicah said...

I hope you feel better soon Hanna! Enjoy the time with your Mum. It's always hard when our men-folk are away isn't it?

BellaBree said...

feel better soon. xx oh and looking forward to the painting preview!

molly said...

Oh, golly, poor girl! May you be back in the pink with a stack of Japanese craft lovelies in no time.

Jessica said...

A good hot tea helps me keep colds in check. I hope you are feeling better very, very soon!