Beautiful Spring day today

I love days like this, beautiful and sunny but with a gentle breeze, not too hot, just perfect. We have a really sheltered backyard and it just gets SO hot out there in summer, it's kind of unbearable. In summer I have to get my gardening done either early morning or late afternoon, otherwise I almost pass out with the heat!

I'm starting to think about my vegetable garden now, last year we were so busy finishing off the house that all I managed to get planted were tomatoes. So I'm looking forward to being able to spend more time out there this year and get lots of good stuff growing. My garlic I planted in June is looking a bit pathetic so I gave a it a good mulch today with horse manure and rotted sawdust.
The kids joined me outside with some mud pie making on the agenda. Isla got a bit wet in the clean up, and then they decided to go the full hog and drench themselves top to toe and make a nice mud puddle in the lawn to slide through.

Some more holiday snaps

Second and last instalment...
- Happy weekending everyone - and happy birthday to my nephew Taleb who is turning 15 today, woohoo!

Liams first time on the log flume, Isla went later in the day when she'd built up the courage!
That's Liam second from the right, between Aaron and GG
Isla was so so so excited to have her photo taken with the koala!!!!unfortunately she wasn't big enough to hold it herself but at least she got to pat it and hold it's hand :)
That's Aaron up there, freeky, of course I would have done it but someone had to stay with the kids right, I think I've got a bit soft in my old age haha!


Some holiday snaps

I finally retrieved them all off Aaron's phone!
First instalment ...

From the top of the Q1 - eeek, so high!
Can you see the pool way down below, Liam and Isla spent a lot of time there.
Liam and Isla helping to feed the pelicans!
Liam really wanted to see some big spiders while we were in Australia.
We didn't see any (thank goodness I say), but we did see lots of big lizards.
The best part about our holiday was catching up with family that we don't get to see too often.
- And meeting new ones! The kids got to meet their cousie Kenzo who they had heard a lot about but have never had the chance to meet. They are all best buddies now.