Happy birthday to our beautiful smiley Isley, 8 years old today - woohoo! She was so excited. Aaron took the day off and we all hung out together. We had our final home schooling classes for the year where we meet up with all the other home school kids and do art and sports. Isla LOVED that dad could come with us. And she reckoned that she finally managed to get all the way down in her splits today AND do a proper handstand, big celebrations!
And... Happy birthday to our beautiful little Evie for yesterday, born the day before Isla's birthday last year! Much to Isla's delight! The only other girl cousin on that side of the family. Isla said to me today that her and Evie and kind of like sisters :). We are off to Thames tomorrow to celebrate her 1st birthday, will be a wonderful day catching up with family, we are really looking forward to it.
Happy weekending everyone.


FAVOURITES FOR FRIDAY - hanging egg chair

Yes please, that first photo looks oh so good for today. It's been a busy week and I could quite happily have spent my Friday afternoon lounging there. A cup of liquorice tea and the new Home Style magazine that arrived in my letter box this morning. Yip.
Happy weekending everyone.



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What's going on in the garden

My poor neglected garden is finally getting a bit of attention. These are the before photos. Hopefully in a month I can show you some beautiful after photos!
Last summer we were finishing off the house so the only summer vegetables I grew were tomatoes, and even those were a little neglected. My garden has pretty much been untouched for a year, except for putting some garlic and shallots in and letting the self seeded spinach flourish. The weeds have had a great time establishing themselves, last week I dug out a giant dock weed that was up to my chest! My compost bin is now full of many wheelbarrow loads of greenery. Liam has been earning pocket money weeding out patches for me.

All my spinach and parsley have gone to seed. I've pulled a lot of it out now, but I always like to leave a few to scatter their seeds and gift me with new seedlings.
I have repaired my bamboo trellis and planted some sugar snap peas. I've also finally planted out my tomato plants, some little coriander seedlings, some bush beans, capsicums, and another lot of carrots after the snails ate the last lot!

It's all looking a little bare and sad really, but it's amazing how some sunshine, water and a little TLC can transform a bare patch of dirt into a lush little paradise. So watch this space!
At least we have some yummy strawberries appearing, and borage flowers for the bees.