opp shopping lately

Oh my lovely opp shops I do love you so. This is one day, one opp shop, so much good stuff.

These 2 blankets only cost me $2, the colours are just PERFECT for me.

FAVOURITES FOR FRIDAY - green furniture

Yes, green furniture, I love green furniture, not too much, just a splash of green amongst neutral earthy colours. Especially green sofas. Velvet green sofas are the best. I have had my eye on one from Ikea for quite a while now, I visited it in Melbourne last year and had a little sit on it, pity it won't fit in my suitcase. We are off to Brisbane/Gold Coast in a couple of weeks so I might just have to visit it again while we are there. (Once again all the links to the pictures are at the bottom of the page). Happy weekending everyone!

Free art from magazines

Not that I need more artwork, I actually have too much artwork already and I'm spending far too long deciding where to hang it all. Until now I haven't had much space to hang the many paintings and various other works of art I've collected over the years, and now that I have all these nice big white walls it's kind of daunting. I'm kind of finding it hard to know where to begin, so I'm taking it very slowly. So yes, I shouldn't be complicating things by adding more art to the mix! But anyway, I couldn't resist.