Finding treasures for my home

I'd say that most of the things in my home are bought second hand, most of them come from the opp shop. In this picture I think the table and chairs, the black lamp and two cushions are the only things I bought new. I LOVE buying second hand, mainly because you can find cool unique stuff! But also because its cheap! And it's recycling at its best!

The side-board and the couch I bought off Trade Me, they took a bit of time to find, but everything else I just happened upon. I love seeking out hidden treasures in amongst the bits and pieces at opp shops. It's like finding a gemstone amongst piles of pebbles and rocks. Sometimes I think to myself how could anyone part with this? It's so awesome! One mans junk is another mans treasure aye!

Oh actually, the wooden face bowl (Freedom Furniture) and the grey/blue candle stick (For Keeps) were bought new too.
The only problem with opp shopping is sometimes there are so many good finds and you run out of room in your house to keep them all!
I have a little dream of one day owning a little craft/homewares/vintage shop near the beach, that is also joined to a little cafĂ© that sells amazing coffee and healthy delicious food. - and then I would have a place for all my found treasure to overflow into!

A few treasures I found the other day... some of them have new spots to live in already.
The green vase has been added to the side-board along with the silver candle sticks.
Awesome big wooden bowl which is now on the dinning table, Liam has filled it with some of his rock collection, doesn't it look so beautiful! (Those brass bangles are from the opp shop too - of course).

Little wooden tray, now on the console table near the front door. It was a bit rough looking but all it needed was an oiling and now it's as good as new. (The two bowls are from the opp shop too. The dolls Isla made).

So what do you think of my little shop idea? Wouldn't it be cool. Watch this space, you never know, it may just happen one day! (Maybe I could just do an online version to start with??).

A good hot cross bun recipe - grain free, refined sugar free

So I mentioned in my last post that we were going to try the BePure Champion Hot Cross Muffin recipe. Well it was a winner. Really really yummy. Though my crosses were a bit of a failure because I don't have a piping bag!
The only things I changed were swapping out the 2 Tbsp psyllium husk with 1 tsp of xanthum gum as I didn't have any psyllium left. Also I used maple syrup instead of rice malt syrup.
They were a great texture, and were still great the day after. Definitely gave us our hot cross bun fix for the Easter weekend.
This recipe is definitely a keeper and will go into my Tried And Tested folder.

Our healthy Easter eggs

"Up from the grave He arose,
With a mighty triumph o'er His foes,
He arose the victor from the dark domain,
And He lives forever with His saints to reign.
He arose! He arose!
Hallelujah, Christ arose!"

lyrics and composer: Robert Lowry, 1874

Happy Easter everyone! We have been having a very chilled Easter this year, the kids and I have a cold so we've just been chilling and laying low.
- And making a few Easter treats. I cant bring myself to buy Easter eggs these days, too much sugar, and other things that we don't like to eat. Plus when you're not used to having much sugar in your diet they are actually just far too sweet, they just don't taste good anymore.
But these, OH. YUM. Really, these are seriously so much tastier. SERIOUSLY. YOU HAVE TO TRY MAKING THESE.

We made two different types of eggs...

For the first lot
- we melted dark chocolate (70% - 80% cocoa) and brushed it into silicone moulds. We did a few thin layers, putting it in the fridge to let it set a bit between layers.
- then we filled some with peanut butter
- and some with coconut filling which was a mixture of coconut, coconut butter and vanilla essence.
- then brushed or spooned melted chocolate on top.
- then we froze them so they ended up delicious and crunchy.


For the second lot
- we peeled and halved feijoas and put them in the freezer for a bit so they were cold and firm.
- then covered them with a thin layer of the melted chocolate.
- we left these ones on the fridge so the chocolate was crunchy on the outside but the centre was soft.

Sooo good! oh my goodness, you have to try making these!

We are all craving some hot cross buns as well, so we thought we might give this recipe a go - will let you know if they are a success. The BePure Champion Hot Cross Muffin Recipe.