Jewellery now selling at Craftykin!

I need to introduce you to my mum, my wonderfully talented mum Dallas Madsen, and her beautiful jewellery she is now making - and selling in our Craftykin shop!

Our shop had closed down for a bit as both my sister and I were not finding much time for our creative endeavours of late. But I'm so excited that my mum is now using our shop to sell her wares!

Please go and have a look (and buy something!). It is beautifully made and very unique, she is always making something different and each time I check the shop she has added something new. Um, she may be slightly obsessed with polymer clay ;). Just saying. But that is a good thing, a very good thing!

Also - don't forget my other sister Adde also sells her jewellery too, I did a little write up on her here. You can find the button to her Sweet Gems jewellery shop in my side bar to your right.


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