Home schooling adventures - pony time

I know my content on this blog has been a little lacking in the last year or so. When the kids were really little I found I easily had pockets of time when I could get here and share some of what we were up to, but as they grew, those pockets of time became smaller and now they are few and far between. Home schooling fills all our time now, and I'm fine with that, we are too busy living the life to have time to write about it, that's not a bad thing.
We have so many cool adventures homeschooling and we have such an amazing group of homeschool friends in our community, we feel very blessed indeed.
So I thought I would try and share some of the things we get up to. I may not have time to write much here, but it doesn't take long to just share some photos now and again. I know you family that are overseas and out of town will enjoy it :)

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Mee said...

I could do with one of those in my paddock. Can someone chop down all the avocados first and mow the grass down? :)