kitchen inspiration

You know, if I had more hours in my day, I reckon I could easily fill them browsing foodie blogs on the internet and finding tasty recipies. There are some wonderful food blogs out there, so much inspiration, and the way some people talk about food just makes me want to go to the kitchen right away and cook - or just eat anyway! For example have you ever been over to Smitten Kitchen. Oh yum.

I have so many recipies bookmarked, a big jumbled folder of them on my computer and I tend to forget about them and they just sort of get lost in the jumble. So I thought I'd do a little list of links here - to remind myself of what I wanted to try, and to share them with you, because I think they really need to be shared.

- Firsty, that bread I mentioned here. It's Alicia's Oatmeal Bread. Very good indeed. I still love my heavy grainy no knead bread (in the sidebar there), but I'm very much enjoying alternating it with this lighter version.

- Also I made these Bean Burritos recently for the freezer. Such a great idea. Just pull them out of the freezer and microwave them for a couple of minutes, or defrost them and warm them in the oven - instant yum. I do love having things ready to go in the freezer, makes life just a little sweeter sometimes :) Oh and the other thing I've been freezing is pizza bases. I make up and cook a huge big batch. Makes it so much easier when you have a craving for pizza if your bases are ready to go.

- How about kale chips anyone? Sounds strange huh. I just had to try them, especially because I have a garden full of kale. They are tasty! And the kids LOVE them. And did you know how good kale is for you!

- I'm wanting to try this granola recipe, I've always been a bit confused about granola, is it what we'd call muesli, eaten for breakfast with milk? Or a snack to be eaten by the handful? Anyway, this recipe sounds delicious so it's on my to make list - to eat for breakfast with milk.

- I'm also going to try these olive oil crackers. This is a lovely blog by the way, stay and have a look around.

- I've bookmarked this for next time a cold or flu hits.

- And I'm very tempted to make these Crispy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Smitten Kitchen, but I think I probably shouldn't. Because it wll be too hard not to eat them all in one day. Instead this week I made her Thick, Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, a slightly healthier alternative perhaps.

- And If you tend to have a weakness for sweet things as I do, then perhaps don't even look at this link.

- Sour dough bread, I'm definately going to try this, sounds just so simple.

- And I've been meaning to try making my own ricotta for a long time. I keep forgetting about this.

- And lastly, but certainly not least-ly do pop on over and visit Jessica at Spinning a Yarn, she has been making the most delicious things! And taking delicious photos of it all too.

I'm sure there are links that I have forgotten to include here. Perhaps I will make this a monthly thing. In the mean time, happy cooking, and eating :)


Mary Beth said...

Thank you for all these fabulous looking links, Hanna. I love to know what other people are up to in the kitchen. I want to try several of these!

molly said...

Well, hello! What a lovely, warm space you have, here. I couldn't be happier to have found your spray recipe, as I've been in the market. But mostly, I'm just having such fun, poking around. It's a pleasure.


Gypsy said...

Oooh, I love food blogs too! And I adore your photos as always.

Mee said...

Well Hanna, why don't you make my favourite 'chewy ginger, molasses, chocolate biscuits' and feel healthy about it as they have heaps of molasses in them!? Which is good for you. So eating more than one is just fine!

Heart Felt said...

Lovely post, all sounds lovely, but I enjoyed looking at your kitchen utensils the most! xx

busygnomes said...

I popped over to nourish me last week and I loved it.
food, such a big part of our day! thanks for the inspiration.
p.s. I have a giveaway on at the moment, and with autumn on its way I reckon you'll like it!

Anonymous said...

I 'accidentally' clicked on the chocolate pie link, I might have to make it now. Actually I want to try lot of the things you shared. THanks for the links.

julie said...

Before I discovered sewing, I was a food blogger! Now I still love food, of course, and I am sure I'll try the oatmeal bread. I had already made the olive oil crackers and reading your post has compelled me to make some again, they're just fresh from the oven right now:)

Michaela said...

Thank you for all the links. I can't wait to try kale chips ones we have kale growing here too or my own ricotta.
You have forgotten one more blog and that is yours. You are an inspiration too. I love images from your kitchen.

Anonymous said...

havent even started on the links but wanted to say thanks for sharing!!! SO many yummy,quick&easy recipes out there and the decision is made so much easyer when blogs like yours have beautiful photography with them to even more temp you... i have a little recipes book that i keep in my handbag&sits open perfectly above my stove and...has quite a bit of recipes from you in it that i love!
like your delish no knead or the no rise breads&devine just mix all ingredients chocolate cake how easy is that when you have someones birthday in the morn iv made it so many times,cant remember if you use icing to top,but i dont anymore its just so delish i just sprinkle with icing sugar!!
thanks hanna xx

Stella said...

very helpful post for us kitchen novices who need a little prompting to step into the kitchen!

Liesl said...

Oh boy! Now I'm hungry. So many of these recipes look delicious. And those kale chips look very interesting. I'll have to keep them in mind when summer swings around here. :)

Jessica said...

I could spend hours in foodie blogs as well!!! Such inspiration you've linked to (now I have a menu for weeks!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mum is going to LOVE coming to stay with you, what a menu! xxx

Chelsea said...

What a nice blog to have come across! So many great links and photos in this post too...

stephanie said...

Thanks for all the awesome links! Those olive oil crackers look great!