Yesterday: at home

I was so tempted to edit the bits of fluff and dirt out of this photo.

Liam picked me some flowers.

Eating homemade lemonade iceblocks. More than one at a time.

Found by the front door. He's such an organised boy.

NEARLY finished my Beach Blanket to Go from Handmade Home.

Making a new bread recipe, for the second time. It's a good one. I'll share soon.

Not having to buy vegetables at the moment. It feels good.

A big bowl of tomatoes waiting to be cooked up and put in the freezer.

We were supposed to go to Play Centre yesterday, but there was a change of plans and so we just stayed at home. It's great to get out and do things with the kids but you know, I love just being at home, and the kids love it too.
I've stumbled across some good articles in this last week on the subject of home and motherhood, and slowing down. Good food for thought. You may be interested in reading them too.


Donna T said...

Hi Hanna, cannot wait for your new bread recipe. Also would you mind posting the recipe for the homemade lemonade iceblocks these look like fun. Your cherubs are so delicious and I hope you are all well. take special care. Love from Donna and Poppy xx

Donna T said...

PS what cute carrots!!

Kristin said...

I am so glad you didn't edit that first picture. My carpet is much the same!

melissa said...

your photos are lovely. that bread looks delicious! (like all your cooking.)

thank you for the links to those articles- looking forward to checking them out!

Heart Felt said...

Lovely post Hanna, we love being at home too, but we don't go a day where we have to go out for some reason. Such a warm post. xx