Morepork handmade goods

Morepork's Dallas Madsen (aka my mum) working in her studio at home.

My sisters and I get our creative genes from my mum, who in turn got them from her mum, who in turn got them from her mum - my Great Granny. So that's four generations, and it's not stopping, the next generation seem to have the creative genes too - and all my aunties and cousins and nephews. It's a strong gene! Always have to be making something us folk, always pottering away on some creative endeavour.
When I first set up Craftykin it was my younger sister and I selling our creative wares - hence the name CraftyKIN. But now its another of my kinfolk, my mum that's taken up residence in the Craftykin shop. She makes amazing jewellery out of polymer clay, and rope bags and baskets. She's a clever lady my mum!

We went to stay with her a couple of weeks ago so I took the opportunity to take a few photos while I was there. She's been busy pottering alright! And she always has new ideas that she's working on. (I bet she even made that cool wooden ladder display - am I right mum?). You can buy her lovely wares from our Craftykin shop on Felt.


Mee said...

Well! I recognise that person and that room! Forgotten you'd taken some pics. Thank you for the lovely write up Hanna xx I see you've got the 'girls' in the background too, scratching out my weeds ;)

Mee said...

And yes-I did make the stand for the baskets. Perish the thought I'd buy one!!