We've been opp shopping again

So the new school term has started this week, but our first week is quite often nice and quiet and slow as a lot of our external classes don't start until the second or third week. Which means we effectively have afternoons off! It's a lovely way to ease into the new term. And, it means time for opp shopping. Because what better thing to do with a free afternoon right? Fortunately the kids love it as much as I do!
We found some great treasures this week, this basket was outside the front door of one of the oppshops, where they often put the plant pots, so it was the first thing I picked up. I wasn't actually sure that I wanted or needed it, so I carried it around while I shopped so I could ponder on it. It was only $3 so in the end I decided to just get it. It actually collapses flat, so I figured it's easy to store if I don't use it straight away. I decided to try it as a fruit basket when I got home, and now I LOVE it! I'm shocked with myself that I considered leaving it behind! Crazy woman!
New green bangle and brass tray. I have a bit of a thing for bangles, and I love buying them from the opp shop as you can find so many interesting ones. And this one actually cost me nothing! The lady just let me have it for free with the red basket. And that green! Well, I have a thing for green too, especially that green. Lovely. All the other bangles here are opp shop finds too, of course.
I love the handmade-ness of the brass tray, it's a little wonky and the dots are not completely evenly spaced. I've moved the tray around a bit, trying to find my favourite spot for it. That's half the fun of bringing new opp shop treasures home. I think it's found its happy place for now on my dressing table.
Liam found another boat to add to his collection! The big white and red one at the back. He said it's his favourite one so far. And he found a big tool box which he is super happy with. He has filled it with all his essential items.
Isla found a purple skateboard (she's been skating, skating, skating ever since) and some awesome leather boots which I want for myself! Seriously! Why could they not have been in my size?! Check out the close up below, that fabric! Slightly jealous.

I did get myself a few goodies too though. That green cardi, green, ah yes I love you green. It's super big and long and chunky, great timing since it's suddenly getting a little colder here. I can see me wearing this a lot in the coming months.

I have a pair of classic Levis on my opp shopping wishlist, you know, like a nice pair of nicely worn in 501s, am I dreaming? I've been keeping my eye out. Didn't find any Levis but these Lee will do nicely for now, I love that classic denim colour and they're so nice and soft and comfy, I wore them today.
This is a cardigan/jacket haha not that you can tell from this photo, probably should have taken a better photo of it. It has slightly cropped sleeves and just hangs open (no buttons at the front). I love the fabric and it's loose and slouchy and reminds me of balmy summer evenings. (Maybe I will take a better photo of it).

Last but not least, a new bag, which really truly looks brand new. And it came with two straps. Cool! A short schmancy  one and a casual longer one. It's kinda like two bags in one! And from memory I think it cost me $1! See, that there is why I like opp shopping!

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Mee said...

Ok-I'm seriously envious of the green cardi! Quite like the boots Isla too. Can i have them when they're too small for you? :)