Liam's Man vs Wild party

He really seems so big, 9 is pretty big! (I realised I had no candles! so we had to do 7 + 2!)
We had a Bear Grylls Man vs Wild party! Was heaps of fun to organise and the boys just loved it.

- They had to find a buried treasure using their compasses. It contained a safety bracelet each (made by me, thanks to my mum's help and expertise).
- They had to put up a tent all by themselves.
- Light a fire, which they roasted some marshmellows over.
- A blindfold taste test, because Bear Grylls is always eating strange things : ants were chia seeds, walnuts were beetles, spaghetti was worms, peeled grapes were eyeballs.
- For party food we had - raisins (sheep poo), biltong (dried camel), potato chips (snake skin), chocolate avocado mousse (mud), meatballs (bear poo), apple and orange slices sprinkled with grated chocolate (swamp fruit), grape juice (urine!).
- For the cake I used this recipe, really good, definitely be using it again! (I just did a half recipe).

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Mee said...

Haha-looks like a wild time indeed! The 'urine' beverage actually made me go 'eww'.