The new way to pickle

lacto-fermented gherkins

actually... it's really the very old way, but newish to me, and I'm a convert.  Have you heard of or tried lacto-fermenting? If you haven't, this will give you a very good overview.
I've been making pickled carrots, beans, gherkins and cabbage (aka sauerkraut). I'm keen to try other things.

making sauerkraut

It is so easy, and so delicious, and so good for you! (and if you are buying probiotics, it could save you a lot of money!)

So what are you waiting for! Give it a go!

lacto-fermented gherkins

This is how I do it:

- slice up your chosen vegetable
- pack it into a jar
- top with salty water* so the veges are completely covered.
- put a lid on and leave it on the bench for at least a week. (The longer you leave it the more vinegary/tangy it will taste).
- refrigerate and consume!

* salt to water ratio - you don't need to be exact. But for the carrots the original instructions I followed called for 1 1/2 tsps. of salt per 1 cup of water, and the gherkin instructions called for just under 1 Tblsp. of salt per 1 cup of water.

- you can add herbs or spices to your vegetables. I use cumin seeds in with the carrots, and I use dill and a few sliced fresh garlic cloves in with the gherkins.
- I pushed a grape leaf down over my gherkins to keep them nicely submerged as they tend to float, you could use a cabbage leaf or something similar if you don't have a grapevine.

lacto-fermented gherkins

Sauerkraut is a bit more time consuming as you don't use salt water but pound the cabbage into your jar with a wooden spoon to get the juices going. These are the instructions I follow.

I also make milk kefir, kombucha and beet kvass (super good for you!), I used to make sourdough bread but we seldom eat grains now.

beet kvass


Unknown said...

Perfect timing! I have a few gherkins patiently waiting to be pickled!

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