I know, I've missed a few Friday Favourite posts haven't I.  Back into it!
Today I'm sharing one of my very very favourite things... TEXTURE... do you know what I mean by texture? I'm not sure that is the best word for it, but it's the word that comes to mind. It's an earthiness, heartiness, things that you want to pick up and touch, a handmade-ness. I love it, I've always loved it, my tastes in home decoration have changed a bit over the years, sometimes my tastes change monthly, or even weekly, haha! But no matter what, I always love TEXTURE. I can't do sleek, modern, refined, glossiness - well, I can do a bit, but only if it's balanced out with some texture! Here are some lovely examples of what I mean (links to each photo at the end of the post).
Have a great weekend everyone!


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Mee said...

Hah-see the bedspread via Granny that's on one of the spare beds! Exactly the same one.(Welsh bedspreads).
I like your taste Hanna :)