DIY - I'm inspired to make a rug

I found this great tutorial for a handmade shaggy rug on Pinterest. I'm definitely inspired to make my own! I know it might be time consuming, especially since I'm envisioning a really big one to go in my lounge area. But it's something I can imagine pottering away on in the evenings, one of those mindless, kind of therapeutic crafts - and a good excuse to sit down and take it easy for a while - which I admit I don't do enough of!

I have plenty of wool boxed up in the shed which I collected from opp shops when I got into knitting for a while, I was sooo slow at it that I kind of gave up, the kids almost grew out of the things I knitted before I managed to get them finished! I doesn't matter if this rug takes me ages, my lounge is not going to grow, haha.

I just need some of the backing canvas, which I know I have seen heaps of in opp shops over the years, (along with the little rolls of pre-cut yarn that goes with it). Might have to go looking tomorrow and see if I can get lucky.

Here is another tutorial from urbansleekblonde which is made with a slightly different technique. She make little tassels which are then tied onto the backing.

I'd quite like to create something similar to this rug below, (found here at Thoughts from Alice).

But then these more colourful ones below are beautiful, very inspiring, and a great way to use up smaller amounts of wool. (This is the YEAH rug by textile designer Mae Engelgeer).



Mee said...

Funny how things come back round. I remember Grandma making several of these during the time i lived at home-the 70's!

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