A trip to Ikea

No official Favourites for Friday today, though Ikea is a favourite, so we're sticking to the favourite theme :)
A trip to Australia is not complete without a trip to Ikea, (as far as I'm concerned anyway, - not according to Aaron and the kids, but fortunately they are very obliging of my needs!). You could spend hours wandering through the giant Ikea stores but I've become an expert at speeding my way through. It can be quite exhausting otherwise! Fortunately they have the food stop half way through to refuel tired children (and mothers)! This time around I visited their website before my visit and wrote a little list of things I was interested in, which helped to keep me focused and not get too distracted - though I probably did spend too long looking at the beautiful giant ridiculously heavy rug that I imagined I might be able to bring back with me, I don't know what I was thinking.
Still have my eye on that gorgeous green velvet sofa (more on that later).

So anyway, this is what I managed to stuff into my suitcase this time.
- Glass water pitcher and jug with cork lids.
- Wooden step stool. I had been wanting the black stained one, but they always seem to be out of stock. I figured I could stain it myself, but now I don't mind the light wood.
- Green cushions. Because I like green and they were only $5 so how could I not!
- Water colour pencils
- White board markers for the kids.
- Vanilla scented candles and tea lights. I have a weakness for vanilla scented things.
- Wooden tray.
- Wooden pot stand. Love this, they separate out so it's actually 3 pot stands in one!
- Folded cardboard light shade. So cool! Only $5! It was fun to put together, like a big folding puzzle and it goes perfectly in my laundry as I already had a green bare bulb pendant in there, so I just slipped the shade overtop. 

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Mee said...

OO-like the step stool. Was only thinking the other day I'd like one of those. Sell? :)