Happy Birthday Liam!

Our little boy turned 5 today! Wow! Not so little anymore.

happy birthday Liam

He was so excitied about turning five, oh yes, he's been counting down for about 3 months. It's been marked on the calendar and the days have been crossed off. High expectations for this day, and long present wish-lists.

happy birthday Liam

I have been told, that when you turn five your teeth fall out and then that means you can drive a car. Also that when you turn five you can read, and write, instantly, he's been practising his writing on and off all day (a collection of letters he know's how to draw in different orders and then I have to tell him what they say).

happy birthday Liam

GG came to stay from Australia so of course Liam was thoroughly spoiled by his adoring grandmother :) who helped to make all his birthday wishes and expectations come true :).
(Including and most importantly the requested quad bike shirt which she had to have custom made after searching for about three months for one).

happy birthday Liam

He decided about a month ago that we were going to go go-karting for his birthday, we had to write it down so that we would not forget. (We drove smaller ones than this but unfortunately I didn't get any photos as I had to be Isla's driver lady, she was just a little bit scared). Liam couldn't get enough, it was quite hard to get him to leave.

happy birthday Liam

Cake is a must, of course, for birthdays, and somehow this boy managed to get two this time around. And jelly, for dinner tonight, apparently you have to have jelly on your birthday.

So he's gone to bed tonight tired, and full, and happy and surrounded by special new things and birthday love and wishes.

Happy birthday our dear sweet Liam boy.


meg said...

Happy Birthday Liam! I think I might need some jelly on my birthday now to. Good call.

Allana said...

Happy Birthday Liam! How lovely that you can make his dreams come true, it looks like it was a perfect 5 year old birthday kinda day :)

Tamara said...

happy birthday to liam -- looks like it was a lovely time.

Holly C. said...

Happy 5th birthday to your sweet Liam!

Mrs Knight said...

happy birthday mr pixie dude. wow 5!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be expecting some emailing and a letter or two now he can write. Oh, and a vist now he can drive! Such a grownup place being 5 it seems. Sending hugs and kisses - Granma xxoo

Flower said...

Yay! Birthday cake goodness! Happy B-day Liam! xx

PatsyAnne said...

Happy Birthday Liam!

I didn't get any jelly on my last birthday but will demand it this year for I LOVE jellies!

And two cakes, does that make you 10 years old?

I'm so happy you had a wonderful time, but I'm sure that's because you knew exactly what you wanted and told everyone, very smart boy!


Hannah said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Liam!

Anonymous said...

I am honored to b Liams GG and help make his dreams come true. I am repayed in spades with his charm, intelligence, focus, persistence, curiosity, watching him grow and learn. A gift and miracle. Luv GG