Winter wool coat

The majority of the sewing I seem to do these days is kind of rushed and simple - a quick pair of pants for the kids or a shirt for one of them made out of an old shirt of mine. So it was quite nice for a change to slow down a bit and do something 'properly' following a pattern and all that jazz. Basting and pressing and clipping and topstitching, and all that jazz.

wool coat

This coat was made for someone else, little Campbel from Lil Knight Lights. Stacey was after a nice warm winter coat for Cam and couldn't find one that she liked so asked if I would sew one up for her.

I was pleased with how it all came together, and that curved yoke wasn't as tricky as I thought it might have been, I will definately be making one for Isla for next year. The pattern goes up to size 6, so I may just be making a few.

wool coat

wool coat

I used this pattern purchased from Etsy. I changed it a bit by adding a hood, changing how the buttons fastened, and adding extra length to the arms as Stacey wanted rolled up cuffs.

wool coat

I also added a little pocket to the inside for holding treasures.

wool coat

The apple picking fabric is a vintage cotton that I have had for ages, I love it so much, it has been used for many projects, there's only a few scraps left now.

wool coat

As you can see it fitted Isla perfectly! Kind of tempting to keep it :)
But no, it has been sent on it's merry way, and Stacey, you must send me a picture of Cam wearing it :)

wool coat

wool coat

wool coat


meg said...

WOW! That coat is gorgeous :o) You are so very talented.

BigLittle said...

This is gorgeous. Well done you!

Mrs Knight said...

wow Isla looks stunning in it! im suprised you didnt keep it :)
you still have a lot of winter left to make her one :)
Post up now on my blog, sorry about the horrid pics my $100 camera and I have a love hate relationship!

Anonymous said...

That is so nice - GG

Anonymous said...

I want one too! I'm very impressed with your workmanship! It's gorgeous! Mx

Rebecca said...

Truely beautiful.

Tamara said...

that is the most adorable thing. your sewing skills never cease to impress.

Anonymous said...

I love it, I must make one for Sax!

Stella said...

Totally beautiful!! Wow!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and whimsical coat! Love those buttons and that inner fabric. Man, I'd like one in my size please. :)

natacha lee said...

Stunning! I would have kept it I think... or made another one straight away

June said...

Wow that little coat is so wonderful!
I'm not a kid anymore but I would wear it straight away!! Great job :)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness - it's stunning!
I love all the extras you added - especially the pocket, I have recently discovered that kids love pockets!

Anonymous said...

I am just trying to adapt a pattern to make on for my little girl. Am going to make make two at once. Hope it turns out as beautifully as your has.

Flower said...

That apple tree fabric is awesome!

molly said...

Gah! It is GORGEOUS! (Even if it's hard to imagine winter, sitting as we are in 93 degree heat!)

That apple-picking fabric is beyond the pale. Welld one.

taisa said...

I think this is the most beautiful kids coat I've ever seen! The hood, the lining fabric, the little cuffs- oh my- it is so lovely. Amazing work mama! Can't wait to see the one you make Isla!

Allana said...

Oh yummy, that is a delicious coat - well done! I would love a size 6 for my Munchkin girl if you were willing?? :)

Hannah said...

Ooh it's beautiful - you're so clever. I love that apple picking vintage fabric and the treasure pocket is so sweet!

Helen said...

Hi Hanna! Love the coat! Can you tell me where you got the apple-picking fabric? I am making a keepsake blanket and can't find any nice apple tree fabric!
Thank you!
(If anyone else reading this post can help, I would also appreciate it!)