Photos by Liam

Liam's photos
Thanks for all your birthday wishes for Liam. He still on a birthday high. Especially since his camera arrived in the post yesterday.
Liam's photos
He got up one morning about a month ago and decided that I needed to teach him how to use my camera.
Liam's photos
And so I obliged, showed him how to be very careful with it, always put the strap around his neck, which buttons to press, he learnt how to check the photos he'd taken, how to use the zoom, how to re-charge the batteries and put them back in the camera.
Liam's photos
I thought the novelty might wear off after a few days, but no.
Liam's photos
He was very careful with my camera, but it did make me a bit nervous.
Liam's photos
So I thought I would check if I could get him a little second-hand digital camera for his birthday.
Liam's photos
And yes, I found cheap little second-hand cameras in abundance on Trade Me. I managed to get a very tidy little Nikon point-and-shoot for only $20.
Liam's photos
He has probably taken more than fifty photos since it arrived yesterday afternoon, it hasn't left his side, in fact I am having photos taken of me while I write this.
Liam's photos
I now need to teach him how to have a critical eye and assess the photos he's taken or we will be having storage issues soon :)
Liam's photos
And as a side note, sorry I've been so absent here of late. The little people have a nasty nasty cough that has been going on and on. It is looking rather a lot like whooping cough. We have all had quite enough, so I've been doing a lot of research and I now have them on an intensive regime of remedies and therapies :) that hopefully will do the trick.
Liam's photos
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Hannah said...

The photos are so sweet! I love looking at pictures that little people take. They are always so charming and whimsical.

Holly C. said...

Liam did such a great job!

Mary Beth said...

Wow, he is really good! I love the idea of getting a camera for Dieter for his birthday--he would love it!

knightlight said...

what a lovely present! and to know he was so ready for it.

tamara said...

such lovely photos. he will always remember when he got his first camera, what a gift. and that richard scarry cars & trucks book is one of isaiah's favorites, too!

Anonymous said...

What a kid - I like the photo of the height chart! Hope your cough recipes start to work. Luv GG

RosieDreams said...

I love looking at photos that kids take. The viewpoint always shocks me, despite the fact that I spend half of my day literally on the floor with the kids. :)
PS. I hope your kids get better soon.