Pay it forward some more

I finally got around to sending out my pay-it-forward gifts just before we went away on our little holiday. I had such fun putting these parcels together. It's such a sweet thing to recieve a parcel in the mail with your name on it, and it's just as fun to send out little parcels of nice things to others, knowing that you might bring a smile to their face and a wee bit of happy to their day.

Writing out recipies while the kids played at the park. (The pinecones and acorn are from Isla).
Christina and Tammy and Meghan have already started their pay it forward parcel sending. But if you pop over and visit Janelle's blog Heart Felt before Monday you might be able to join in with her. And keep an eye on Garden Mama for another chance to join in the giving and recieving fun.

I sent out:
Breadbags made out of teatowels and tablecloths. I'd been wanting to make some of these since I had seen Amanda's ones. I made a few for myself too.
Along with my favourite bread recipe.
Yoyo brooches made with one of my favourite vintage fabrics and old buttons from my collection.
Notebooks with covers made from the pages of old children's story books. They are stitched together with the sewing machine.
I made a couple of these for myself too. One has become my day-to-day lists, ideas and things to remember book. And the other has become my grocery book with shopping lists, price comparisons, recipies to try and monthly spending. They are proving very useful indeed.
Now I'm thinking after writing this, that it would be rather nice to send parcels in the mail more often, just for the simple joy of parcel sending. Because it really is such fun.


Anonymous said...

LOVELOVELOVE your notebooks. I wonder if my wuss of a machine could handle them. Any chance of a tutorial? I never have enough notebooks.

nz green buttons said...

I love the notebooks too! one can never have too many little books to write in, very cute.

Rennae said...

All of these look so good. I love the bread bags. I too have been wanting to make one since seeing them on Amanda's blog. You may have just motivated me to get a move on with it.

Our Green Nest said...

The bread bags are adorable!!! We could definitely use some like that...

Rachel said...

Yay! So glad the pay it forward is continuing.

Heart Felt said...

Thanks so much Hanna for all the lovely time and love that has gone in the packages. Sadie has highjacked the little notebook ~ she walks around with it and a little pink pen drawing stars. x

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Oh such sweet things! You are a lovely giver!!!

Tamara said...

hi hanna! i've so enjoyed my parcel! i must say that my jaw dropped when i saw the notebook -- so creative and simple.

christina said...

hi sweetie!
just sent my pay it forward gifts out, it was the most lovely feeling.
thank you, again.

Molly said...

everything you paid forward is fantastic. i adore those notebooks, and i had forgotten about the bread bags from soulemama. i need to make some of those!

meg said...

Those notebooks are too cute! Glad I found your blog thru flickr handmade home group :o) I'm another Auckland mother of two with a blog. There are quite a lot of us!

Melissa A said...

This is such a great idea. I am going to do this for the month of November since it is Thanksgiving and a time to be grateful for. I love your crafty little blog.