Little gardens

If you've got kids you should do this.

They loved it, foraging for moss and snail shells and little stones. The moss we found had daisies growing in it, I'm interested to see how long they will last.

We just put a pumice kind of potting mix in the bottom and then dug up the moss with lots of dirt attached. I have no idea how to properly make terraniums. But I'm thinking I might keep an eye out for a large jar on my opp shop visits and make a big one, properly. I think it will be fun for the kids to look after and we can buy some little ferns and things to grow in it. Their own little magical mini garden. It would be cute to put little creatures in too, like all these cute ones, aren't they sweet.

Also today:

- We made gingerbread things. I need to get some cute cookie cutters, including men. We just used our playdough cutters. We ended up with all sorts of funny little biscuits in odd shapes.

- Liam went crazy picking forget-me-nots. Every room has a vase of forget-me-nots in it now. And that's just fine by me.

- We made paperbag masks. So much hilarity.

And yes Liam is still half dressed in his pyjamas at nearly lunchtime.

But that's ok, we were busy with other things.

-- And last but certainly not least. I'm all excited about this fabulous giveaway over at Garden Mama! Aren't these things so sweet! But don't enter, because then I've got less chance of winning. Or maybe you could just enter and then if you win you could give them to me.

- Oh and one more thing - here is a tutorial if you want to make a stitched book like the ones from the last post.


melissa said...

oh, wow. where do i start?
i love those miniature far-gardens. they're perfect.
and so are the masks!!

melissa said...

oops- i meant to write, 'jar-gardens'.. sorry!

mee said...

Great Granny used to have a huge (knee high)terranium with ferns and things which I was always fascinted with.It had this lovely mossy-dell smell coming from it when you peered into the top. Wonder where it went to?

BellaBree said...

love the gardens doll...too cute!

Anonymous said...

Little munchkins, I can just imagine the kind of crazyness those masks would have started!

bylittlehands said...

I just love the little gardens. I think we might take a little hike this weekend and see what we can find for a few of our own.

Leah said...

Ive so been meaning to try the jar garden, I spyed some moss out the back I should get hold of before the summer comes to claim it! My kids wear there jarmies till all hours here too!