Tiny Happy-ness

I've been meaning to show this little brooch I bought from Melissa of Tiny Happy. I love Melissa's sweet and natural style, the things she makes are pretty and delicate and simple. Isla has two pairs of her gorgeous baby shoes that she has worn so much.
I had the idea of making my mum a simple linen scarf for her birthday and I knew one of Melissa's little brooches would be the perfect partner for it. I had seen and loved her clover flower embroideries, so Melissa was kind enough to make me a little clover flower brooch. Melissa's freehand embroideries are just lovely, look at this one, and this one, and this one. They often inspire me to pick up needle and thread and give it a go myself, though I am yet to really do it, but I will, soon.

I meant to take a picture of mum wearing these while we were visiting, but of course I forgot. So this not so good photo I took in the mirror will have to suffice.


BellaBree said...

love her stuff too....cool scarf doll!x

nz green buttons said...

I love the beautiful things melissa makes too. I'm lucky to have a lovely jasmine needlebook and a stunning feather pin. That clover pin is beautiful.

hanna said...

Thanks Briar ;)
Yes, love the feather embroideries too, I was debating between feather or clover actually.

melissa said...

dear hanna, thank you so much for the kind post- too kind actually!
thank YOU for the little clover-commission. :) i love that scarf you made- how did you finish the edges- they look so professional!

hanna said...

not too kind :)
I actually just left the edges completely raw. The pattern through the fabric kind of helped it not to fray too much somehow. I just cut it then pulled off any loose threads then gave it wash and pulled off anymore loose threads.

Leah said...

What a great gift, beautiful!