A handmade home

I don't know about you, but I enjoy looking at other peoples houses, seeing how they've decorated them, seeing how they organise things, seeing how they've created a space for themselves and their family to call home and feel at home in. I like how people's homes reflect their personalities and how the little things within them tell stories about those that live there and what they have been up to. Much nicer I think to look at real homes in all their day to day realness, if you know what I mean, than a home that's been all spritzed up and super-cleaned before being displayed. Don't you think?
So if you do think so, and you are like me, you might enjoy having a nosey at these photos of my sister Frith's house. (And there are a few more here too, because I didn't want to make this post too photo heavy!). She has a cosy home full of handmade things and little vintage treasures that tell little stories of her creativeness.

Some opp shopped treasures in Saxon's room.
Baking bits and pieces in the kitchen.
Kalem drawing at the dining table.

Her little sewing space, where lots of making happens.

I love her vintage feather duvet. Sweet William print on the wall from us for their wedding.
Handmade curtains made from vintage sheets, tablecloth and doilies.
Bird mobile in the lounge.
On the kitchen counter.

Bathroom mat made from opp-shop found fabric.

On the sewing room shelves.
More handmade curtains in the kitchen.

One of the cake stands Frith's made from vintage plates.
Busy making more things for her home. She is always working on something.


Mary Beth said...

Oh, Hanna, these photos are so lovely. Thanks so much for sharing them. I agree with you, I love to see what others have done with their homes; it's so inspiring.

Veronica said...

Ooohh I wish I lived there it looks so cozy.

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

What a treasure trove of a house. I'd be over in a flash to borrow a mixing bowl (love the crown lynn)or just stand on that awesome bathmat.

Heart Felt said...

Love it all! thank-you for sharing ...xx

gardenmama said...

gorgeous photos!
your sisters home is so creative and lovely! the photo of the beautiful curtains looking out to the clothesline!!!! *love* hanna, i received your amazing, incredible, creative, and exciting package in the mail! 'craftykin' suits you and your sister very well! : ) warmly, nicole xo what a fun post, thank you both for sharing!

kimberlee said...

wow, you guys sure are on similar wave lengths, it must be nice to share the vintage craftyness. You are right, I love looking at people's houses and seeing how they organise things, decorate, make, improvise, etc. very fascinating. :)

Stella said...

Oh so lovely! Feel like a gatecrasher but I have known Ra since childhood and my friend Stace (Frith's sister-in-law-ish?) told me to look at your blog... It is so lovely to look at homes that epitomize my future dreams of home-making! I currently have boxes of vintage treasures waiting in the garage to decorate my own home, with my current abode being one of those spritzed up shiny clean ones you mentioned! Inspiring guys!

Liesl said...

I love peeking into people's spaces. This one is particularly lovely. Thanks for sharing!

Angie said...

So much beauty! Thanks for sharing.

Kristina Guilbeau said...

Oh she is wonderful and so are you! Love these pictures and all of the creativity that comes with them! So inspiring.