Just a quick hi

You won't be hearing from me again this week.
My sister Frith is getting married on Saturday. Yippeee!
And there are lots of things still to do.
Just putting the zip in my dress and then it's all done.
Isla's dress is all finished and sweet little shoes and stockings have been bought.
Liam has a shirt "like dad wears to work" - he think's this is pretty cool.
There are bags to finish packing (we are off tomorrow).
A big list of things that I MUST NOT FORGET TO PACK.
Hearts to cut from big slabs of chocolate brownie cooling on the bench as I type.
There is still more tulle to fill with lollies and tie up with ribbon.
And more garland to sew.
So, must run.
I will be back next week with lots of photos.
Wishing you a happy week and a happy weekend.


briar said...

hey Hanna
looking forward to seeing you in your pretty dress this weekend!
Yay for getting married!!
oh check out my blog sometime bellabree@blogspot.com
(I think....twhoops!)

melissa said...

ooh- that's exciting. have a fabulous time!
congratulations to your sister.
can't wait to see the pictures. :)

Stacey said...

All the very best for a wonderful family day!

Heart Felt said...

Have a great time....!! xx

briar said...

I am indeed a ditz....always new it, but so many things confirm it! anyho the blog site is.....bellabreebriar.blogspot.com
now it should work!
xx Briar

Kerri said...

Just found your blog tonight and had such a lovely time reading it! Have fun at the wedding :)

taisa said...

Oh, have fun! And congrats to your sis!