Yellow cup

Had to pop out this morning for bread and milk and a few extras.
Went home via the opp shop.
And now I have a new yellow cup.
Perfect colour.
Perfect little size. (I'm notorious for leaving half drunk cups of tea around the house).
It's cold and rainy here today.
But cosy and warm inside.
I'm having a cup of Lady Grey tea (my new favourite).
And making feijoa jam out of some of the rediculously large aount of feijoas I bought home from mums. The rest will be bottled, dried and of course just eaten as is.

The wedding was beautiful and fabulous.
I will share photos next week when I'm feeling a bit more organised.
Have a lovely weekend.


Sarah said...

I LOVE having just the right cup for a particular beverage (check out my blog at (esp 1 January and 1 February).
Anyways, love your blog too. Enjoy that perfect Autumn cup.

Jac said...

Ha! I am so glad someone else leaves half drunk cups of tea around the house, I am even known for this at work!!