Taking photos

One major thing that's happened as a result of not blogging is that I kinda stopped taking photos, and I've just realised of late how much I miss it. Doesn't help that my good camera died, well it probably just needs a service honestly as I think it has sand stuck in the lense. Put that on your list of things to do Hanna - take camera in for a service. So anyway, I've just been using my phone, which actually takes pretty good photos, but it's just not the same as holding a proper big camera in your hands and being able to manually adjust your settings to please.

We had a wedding to go to last weekend in the Coromandel, beautiful setting, and I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow my mums camera for the weekend. Oh so nice to have a real proper camera in my hands again! I even got up one morning and photographed the sunrise at the beach, talk about great way to start the day! I will share those pictures when I get a chance to get on my computer, but in the mean time these ones are all from my phone.

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