Making more pillows

I'm starting to realise I have a thing for pillows, I always seem to be buying or making more! I suppose it's such an easy way to change a room about a bit.  I'm always changing things around, I think I get bored looking at the same layout for too long, or I see something in a magazine or on Pinterest (oh Pinterest I love you so) which inspires me and I'm up and off and dragging furniture around the room. Do you do that? I'm always moving furniture and plants and pictures, I just get an urge all of a sudden that things need to be moved! I spent last Sunday afternoon re-arranging Liam's room. After I do these things I always think to myself, - why didn't I think of that before!? That's so much better! And then I spent a couple of days this week re-arranging Isla's room, I was never quite happy with how the furniture was placed and I would always find myself standing in her doorway pondering. I must share some photos soon - of the whole house actually, I've been terribly slack at keeping you updated with the house renovations, which are almost finished!
Anyway I digress, slightly, we were talking about pillows.
I found two of these lovely big pillows at the oppshop a while ago and they were only $2 each. I had made a little reading nook in the corner of Isla's bedroom and needed a big pillow to go in it so this was perfect. Isla really liked the blue flowery fabric, but I was a mean mummy and said no way, it has to go.

Yellow with spots is so much better than blue flowery! My mum made the grey rabbit cushions for Isla for Christmas. (I think I have actually inherited my cushion obsession thing from her).

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Mee said...

That looks a great little reading nook! Me, obsessed with cushions?!Or at the present loom bands which I see Isla is almost swamped with!! Was going to suggest we take some to do on the plane. Looks like she can show me a few designs!