Finally another house update

Sorry it's taken so long for an update - for those of you that have been waiting.
Of course now there's even more progress to show, so I better post again in another few days! Hopefully the roof will go on this week!

So here is our half-a-house, that old blue painted section is now the only old part remaining. It used to be the old lounge and has now become the kitchen. (The pale yellow section at this end has pretty much all gone now also, it was the old bathroom and will become our ensuite).

half a house!


Further demolition of the old bathroom, the kids LOVE helping :) Liam is quite a pro with the pinch-bar now.
helping with demolition helping with demolition helping with demolition

Concrete floor being poured.              
laying concrete

Bottom storey frames all up! Isla is in the laundry/store room, behind this is the spare bedroom, and to the left the bathroom.
DSC09857 DSC09915

Standing on top of the second living area/library. (See our temporary bathroom tin shed on the deck:) It's like camping!).
DSC09917 DSC09922

Top storey frames all done. Isla is standing in her bedroom.
DSC09937 DSC09938

Standing in the upstairs bathroom.

Standing in Liam's room. It's high up!


the knight circus said...

Oh my Goodness!! Its massive!! Sheesh shows when I last visited!!
Big Happy Birthday to Isla xxxxx

Lino Kosters said...

That house is really big, and with the the additions, the house doubled its size! Are you planning to install sidings on the new parts just like the old ones? It’ll surely look stunning!

Anonymous said...

Ah-and the spare room....! Can't wait :)