Second update on the house - digger comes to visit

To follow on from the last post -  here is the old part of the house being demolished.  The only part of the old house now standing is the old lounge which has become our kitchen.
It is a very strange feeling seeing a digger rip your house apart.

Removing windows and doors before the digger starts.

Watching from a safe distance (Liam was a bit worried). DSC09693



Liam standing where his bedroom used to be.
DSC09710 DSC09711

We had some interesting views from the kitchen, they got very very close!
DSC09713 DSC09810

View from the toilet after day one!

After the digger had left - no house just a dirt hill.


Allana said...

Wow - dramatic work happening! How exciting and scary at the same time! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, can imagine it would have been very strange watching the demolition of your home while still living in it-or at least part of it. So many memories...
M x