Christmas is coming

Well I think I'm all caught up now on things that have been going on - and can you believe Christmas is so soon! So tomorrow, I'll share some photos of the Christmas crafting and decorating we've been having fun with.
One more Christmas present to buy today, some Christmas cards to post, a good ham to find, and some more baking to do (Pepperkake from Tiny Happy - I make it every year and it's delicious!).
I hope your Christmas preparations are going well xx.

Christmas treeChristmas tree

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Christmas tree


Mousy Brown said...

Those cookies look good- Thanks for the link! Have fun with your decorating, can't wait to see what you have been making :D

Seaside Siblings said...

Don't you just love this time of year, so magical.

Anonymous said...

Did someone dress himself? His tshirt is on inside out - so cute! :-)
I can't wait to have a kiddo to do this with. Right now I am stuck with a grinch disguised as a grown man.

hanna said...

I have my cookie dough made up now and in the fridge, and I'll be cooking them tomorrow.
Yes great time of year, especially with the kids, they love helping out - though we just did some shopping this avo and I've come back with a headache!-too many people out there shopping also, and the kids wanted to stop and look at everything!
Yes they often dress themselves, we end up with some interesting combos and shoes often on the wrong feet, but if it means we can get out the door faster in the morning I'm all for it!