Isla's Birthday

Yes indeed, so much to catch up on, we celebrated a very special birthday while I was away too. Isla turned four! And with Aaron off to Bangkok on the day of her birthday and with one thing and another she managed to somehow get two birthday celebrations. They were small celebrations, but you know, two small celebrations, in my opinion is better than one big one, don't you think, especially when it means two cakes.

Isla is four

Isla's birthday

Isla's birthday
(Spot the birthday bunny rabbit at the ukulele festival)
Spot the birthday bunny

Happy Birthday Isla

Birthday cake number 1

birthday cake number 2

birthday candle

Happy birthday Isla


Anonymous said...

Isla looks so happy in her bunny suit. And the cakes are cute. Aaron had a bunny cake when he was little. GG

hanna said...

Yes I think I've seen a photo of him and his bunny cake! The bunny suit has been worn LOTS.

Tamara said...

what a darling candle! and of course such a sweet girl. happiest of birthdays to her. so lovely to catch up on your blog.