Christmas decorating and crafting

We've been having heaps of fun decorating the house and doing Christmas crafts.  It's nice this year with the kids being just a little bit older, they understand more what's going on and are more able to join in on the crafting!
Check out my huge christmas cake in the last photo.  It's the first time I have made one, I've meant to every year and never quite got around to it.  I didn't really have a tin big enough so I made my paper lining come up past the sides to give it some more height - fortunately I did as it rose quite a lot! I'm looking forward to seeing what it tastes like.
merry ChristmasMaking paper snowflakesChristmas decorating

Christmas wreath

Christmas crafting

Christmas crafting

Painted walnuts

Walnut shell decorations

Walnut shell decorations

My first Christmas cake - huge!


BigLittle said...

Wow, your cake looks amazing!

Mrs Knight said...

such an amazing mama Hanna!! love the gold walnuts rolled in glitter. and that cake is massive

nz green buttons said...

I want some cake! I'm getting nice warm Chrismas feelings looking at this post.

Flower said...

Your cake is amazing! I can't believe that's your first attempt! I once did the whole traditional cake making thing, I made it in October & you soaked the fruit in 2 cups of whiskey & then progressivly poured another cup over the cake for the next two months. It was an 'interesing' experience! But well worth the effort! Yum Yum

hanna said...

Thanks yes the cake does look impressive but we better just see what it tastes like first! - I'll let you know. Flower - I would have liked to have done the making months before hand and 'maturing' but I wasn't quite that organised :)