I'm a guest today

over at Smallwoods Studios.
I feel quite flattered! Tamara asked me to compile a list of some of my favourite things, it was quite a nice thing to sit down and think about :)
Pop on over and visit Tamara and say hi from me!

(And because I didn't want to do a post with no photos, here are some photos of silly children.)

silly children
silly children
silly children


Holly C. said...

Big fan of Craftykin here. I seem to love what you love, Hannah!

Tamara said...

thanks so much again for your lovely post. and your children are so clever! those pants, ha.

Anonymous said...

They are quite mad!. Where does that come from :)??

Anonymous said...

Love those pictures! It's like seeing someone else's kids doing exactly what *my* kids did today. :) Precious.

kylie said...

that first image? so precious!
loved the guest post :o)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are nuts!! But I do love them!! xx F