Full weekend

Started Friday night with the start of the rugby world cup. We decided to stay home and watch it on tv rather than venturing into town, which in hindsight was a good plan, the amount of people in there was quite rediculous. An amazing opening ceremony and fireworks, which was interesting to view with mr 5 year old Liam next to me on the couch, he hardly took a breath between questions, he didn't quite understand what everybody was doing, and all for just a game, and a cup.
Then saturday morning I ventured into town with my sister-in-law Hendrina, and I must say they did a jolly good job of cleaning things up from the night before, there was just the odd straggler around who quite obviously had not yet gone to bed, and some who had decided to just have a wee sleep where they were. We had a lovely morning shopping and wandering and lunching, and the city is feeling so festive with lots of extra visitors in town and everyone wearing their colours. But the highlight, and the main purpose for our visit, was finishing with a fantastic haircut for us both with all the trimmings. It was so good, I've never been one to spend a whole lot of money on my hair but I must say I am very much tempted to return there when I'm due for my next trim!

Dada racing

And then Aaron and the kids picked me up from town and we were off down country a bit for a noisy family reunion next to the racetrack to watch my dad racing.  We met up with my sister Frith and family, and the grandchildren had a ball! See that one there below with the helmet on, Saxon, the youngest grandchild, he kept trying to convince Dada he was really quite old now and so should therefore be allowed to race also.
Dada racing Dada racing

Frith and I both had a turn, Frith has been out before but it was my first time, I said I'd only go if he didn't drive too fast! It was rather exhilarating, for the first few corners I was thinking - ok, you can stop accelerating now, there is a corner fast approaching! I think my dad was quite pleased he got me to squeal.  But really, I was quite sure that at any moment, those tires were going to let go of the track and we were going to tumble roly-poly over and end up upside down on the grass.

Me - eeek Watching Dada race

And then sunday it was church in the morning and then the afternoon was filled with friends and lots of rugby and far too many donuts, far, far too many, we're talking hundreds, shared between a disproportionate amount of people - which is the result of having a friend who owns a hot mini donut caravan. And I have to say, I've always had a bit of a soft spot for those hot little sugar and cinnamon covered rings, but yes, you can have too much of a good thing!

I hope you also had a lovely weekend, and wishing you a good week ahead.

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