Making clay pots

painting clay pots

Liam discovered some clay the other day when we were out doing our gardening - ah yes awful clay soil, the nasty stuff that get's stuck to your gumboots in winter and turns hard as rock in summer, the stuff that veges won't grow in. I'm on a continual quest to get rid of it. But Liam, he loves it, he thinks it's just wonderful. He found a good patch of particularly sticky gluggy stuff that he spent all afternoon shaping into pots, and other such assortments of things.
And then very patiently waited for two days, checking often, to see if they were dry. And then Isla and him spent ages painting them all. Great fun!

making clay pots
painting clay pots
painting clay pots
painting clay pots
painting clay pots
painting clay pots


Anonymous said...

thats so neat! their clay pots look wonderful!

jeshiko said...

how do they not get paint everywhere?!?! Looks so tidy! mine would wander off paint the house then pop inside and paint the oven!

Shannon said...

awww arnt they clever, the pots are neat

Karin Alton said...

They are just the best, great for all sorts of uses...paper clips, rubber bands...