Wholemeal flat bread

Ok folks, the flatbread recipe I promised. I thought I had neglected to write it down, but fortunately I found the piece of paper yesterday, phew. Now, I've just remembered that for some reason my dough when I made this up was very wet, and well I think it's no mystery what that 'some reason' was, as I've just discovered that my kitchen scales are totally out. So anyway, I ended up adding lots more flour, to bring it to a nice bread dough consistency, so it was kneadable. So if any of you folks make this, and do happen to have kitchen scales that actually work, then I would love to hear from you about the consistency of your dough :)

Wholemeal flatbread

:: Wholemeal flatbread ::

- 175g wholemeal flour (I used spelt) ***see the paragraph above regarding this measure
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 1 Tbsp olive oil
- 120ml water

Mix all ingredients together and knead a bit. Cover and leave to rest for 1 hour. Divide the dough into 8 and roll each piece into a circle about 2mm thick. Fry in a lightly greased pan for about 1 1/2 minutes each side.

Wholemeal flatbread

Wholemeal flatbread

flat bread


Leah said...

Yay. This is one I think will be a hit in my house. Thanks for sharing. So refreshing to try new things in the kitchen. Ta Leah x

{call me satch} said...

thanks hanna, they look so good, i want to roll one up with hummus & salad in it mmmmmm will make your version next time, my white flatbreads involved a lot more olive oil !! you are so good and healthy, i am a bit naughty !!!

Allana said...

Oh yummy! Thanks for posting this I can't wait to try it! :)

Laura said...

Looks delicious and not too difficult to make. And it never hurts that it's pretty healthy too! Thanks for sharing!

Tamara said...

your flowered pitcher is darling. this flat bread looks delicious. whenever i need inspiration in baking, i turn to you!

molly said...

Really? So easy as all that?! This will grace our table soon. Thanks, Hanna.

Holly C. said...

Mmmmmm-this looks good. Thank you for this recipe.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a healthy alternative to the manufactured tortillas for my kids, thks