Homemade liquid handwash - and soap dispenser

Wow, the the weather is beautiful here today! Finally we are having some spring-like weather, we have had so much rain and wind in the last few weeks, I've been dying to get out into the garden but we've been stuck indoors. I've also been wanting to get some painting done on the house, but the weather hasn't been co-operating at all. But yay, today is perfect, I've managed to get quite a bit of painting done this morning and after I've finished writing this I'm heading out to pull some weeds and inspect my seedlings.

handmade soap dispenser

We've just come in from the heat for a bit and made this soap that I've been meaning to make a for a few weeks. A friend shared the recipe with me, and there is a website with this, and more recipies on it but I can't remember what it was called, so I'll update and add the link here when I have it. -I won't be bothering my friend for the website just now as she's just had a baby, last night, a sweet little girl called Ruby, we can't wait to meet her! and what a wonderful Spring day to be born on :)

handmade liquid handwash

:: Liquid handwash ::

- 1 cup boiling water
- 2 tbsp grated sunlight soap (or other basic soap)
- 2 tsp glycerine*
- 2 tsp rose water*
- I also added a few drops of lavendar oil

Melt the grated soap in the boiling water and then stir in the glycerine and rose water. Pour into a soap dispenser while still warm. (If it sets too hard add a little more boiling water to thin it down.) * For fellow nz'ers, I bought both the glycerine and the rose water from Bin Inn.

handmade liquid handwash

And we also just made the soap dispenser, using this tutorial, which I've had saved for ages and been meaning to make.

handmade soap dispenser

I'm just thinking how we've had such a productive day today already. So often day's just fly by and all you feel like you do is run around after small people and clean up messes. But today has been very productive indeed - house painting, soap making, soap jar making, pasta dough in the fridge waiting to be rolled for dinner, bread rising beautifuly in the warm spring air, washing hung and already dry on the line, house tidy, blog post written (nearly), and plans for gardening and banana cake making before the day is out. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do :)
I do hope your tuesday is going well.


Anonymous said...

.......and chatting on the phone with your cool sister..

Anonymous said...

I'd have to substitute the rose water (I can't stand the smell of roses) but this is such a must make thing! Thnks for sharing!

meg said...

Love the soap dispenser and make your own liquid soap... that sounds great. Let us know how it works for you. We're got a lot done here too, gardening, scrubbing outdoor furniture, masses of washing, I love spring!

imba said...

This is so cool. I'd love to have a go also using your instructions. I tried making bar soap as Christmas presents a couple of years ago, and even though I followed the recipe exactly, it ended up really soft and gloopy as soon as it got wet! Liquid soap looks heaps easier - what's it like on your hands?

{call me satch} said...

i love those productive days they always take me by surprise !! gives you an excuse to take it easy for a couple of days afterwards :) ....

Luisa said...

That is beautiful hand soap.

Holly C. said...

Cool! I want to give this a try soon. I've made your homemade cleaner and I really like it.

PS-I love your 'scrub up tiles'!

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) I'm going to be on the look out for a nice jar or two now


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