Recycled wool pants tutorial

I've put together a little tutorial for the wool pants I made from woollen jerseys.
They are really simple and quick to make, I'm sure there are other tutorials out there on how to do this, but anyway, for my lovely readers, this is how I did it. So now you can make some too!

Firstly, find yourself a lovely soft old jersey, the bigger the sleeves, the bigger your pants will be.
Then cut the sleeves off like this.

Next find a pair of pants that fit the child you are making these for, so that you can check how long the crotch seam needs to be.
Then cut down the seamline on each sleeve to that measurement. Remember that you are going to add a waistband to the top so take that into account.

Turn one leg inside out, and put the other leg into the inside-out one. (The right sides of your fabric will be touching).
Then stitch the crotch seams together as shown. You can ether use an overlocker or a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.

Turn them out the right way and this is what you will now have.

Cut a piece of the waistband off your old jersey.
It needs to be long enough to fit comfortably stretched around our childs waist.
Sew it together as shown to make a waistband for the top of your pants.
Mark the centres and sides of the pants and waistband with pins (can you see the pins in there on the second photo?). This helps you centre the waistband evenly on the pants.

Match up the pins and overlock or zig zag stitch the waistband on, stretching it out as you sew.
And that's it! Done!
Unless you want to add some decoration, I can't help myself.
I love Melissa's beautiful embroideries so I decided to stitch a little wool feather.

These are a bit roomy on Isla, it was a nice big jersey. But they are destined for her cousin Saxon, and I think they will be a perfect fit.


nz green buttons said...

what a great tutorial, these are definately on my "to try" list this weekend. Love the feather!

taisa said...

Thank you for this terrific tutorial! I've been making some of these, but you've helped me cut some of the corners- I was making it way too complicated! Thanks so much!

julie said...

Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I like the embroidery too, must give it all a try:)

Stella said...

ooh I would love to make a pair of these! They look super cute on your little girl!

Jessicah said...

Looks great and so easy! Thanks for sharing!

Heart Felt said...

So easy....they are great. x

Jessica said...

So cozy! Great idea!!!

Nicole said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunty Hanna, love from Saxon

gardenmama said...

Thank you for sharing such a clear easy to follow tutorial Hanna! I will be sharing this in my inspiration links!

RunninL8 said...

SO cute! Makes me want to have a toddler again to make these for!!!

Stacey said...

Thanks for the tutorial Hanna.

My Mum is always making little pants and tops from old jerseys for Sofia. It feel wonderful to repurpose items of old clothing doesn't it!

Hannah said...

I'm loving all these upcycled trousers you're posting recently! They're so cute.
It's a shame my son's legs are almost as long as mine now, or I'd be having a go myself!

Raggedy Sana said...

oooh, i like these!! I've been making them in the past from jersey knit.. now I can use those jumper sleeves too :D thank you... glad to have found your blog... now, where's that follow button ;)