One down, one to go

I've finished Liam's hat for Winter. I am determined to knit up a hat and vest each for Liam and Isla before Winter arrives. I have started early as I'm not the world's fastest knitter, and have a lot to learn. I'm pleased with how this turned out though, my knitting skills are slowly improving. I can only see one little dropped stitch and it's not really noticeable.
I have to confess though, that I called in my expert knitting friend to finish the edges for me, my attempt looked terrible. I'll attempt it again on the second hat, but it's nice to know I have back up if needed :)

Finishing the hat ties yesterday in amongst toy animals.

And now onto Isla's hat. I love the colour of this wool which mum helped me choose from her local wool shop. It is a blend of merino and angora. So soft.
I don't like how it came in a skein though.
Um, I told you I still have lots to learn. Like how to wind wool into a ball without creating a big fat tangled mess!

I had to hand it over.
Thanks Aaron for not minding spending a hot Sunday afternoon on the couch helping me untangle a big fluffy mess of wool.

The pattern by the way, if you feel so inclined to also knit one up is the Chemo Earflap Hat from Gabes of SweetP Knits. For the priveledge of using this pattern Gabes asks that you donate some money to the Child Cancer Foundation, a wonderful idea.


Mary Beth said...

I love it! So impressive.

Jessicah said...

What a neat pattern, the ear flaps will be cosy and warm for winter. A good idea to start your knitting now! Before I got my winder, I used to put the skeins over the back of a chair, or the stretched out arms of a willing participant, to prevent tangling.

melissa said...

i LOVE the hat you made and the knitting looks neat and perfect to me. lucky liam!
i have to start knitting this years' hats soon- thanks for the reminder!

gabrielle said...

gorgeous hat, you are doing well to be knitting in the humidity. wonder if you could email me, wanted to ask you about your experience with Happy Tree in Napier as I also had some clothing there,

Michaela said...

I love the pattern. Great job! I am no knitter, but I have tried many times. Maybe, it's time to try again. Who knows, this times I might be successful.

Rhiannon said...

yes, I need to get knitting again soon too! the hat looks so perfectly neat and tidily knit and what a great pattern!

Jessica said...

That hat is great!! I need a ball winder like you!

kimberlee said...

this is really impressive, I think you should be right proud of it. what dropped stitch??? :)

stephanie said...

That hat is great! You did a beautiful job!