It's Wednesday

Where did Monday and Tuesday go?
Did you have a good weekend?
Ours was busy but good. Got my handmades all delivered to the shop, yay, it feels good to get things ticked off the list. This week is all about getting ready for Isla's birthday on Friday. Two years old already! We are going on a little celebration outing to the zoo on Saturday. I know the kids will just love it, they've been asking me draw all sorts of wild zooish kind of animals this week in anticipation.
And then, after this weekend, my mind is going to be on Christmas! I know we say it every year, but Christmas and the years end seems to come around so quickly. I'm determined to have a relaxed lead up to Christmas this year, no last minute rushing around, no busyness. I'm going to get everything finished early. I want to make sure it's some feet up, sipping on cool drinks, playing in the sunshine, calmly baking Christmas treats kind of time. Rather than a rushing around like a mad thing, list making, sweating in the heat kind of time. Sounds good aye.

A few photos from the weekend.

(Pixie hats that went to the shop. More things here, here, here.)

(Watching the Santa Parade. Maori kapa haka group)

(Keeping close to mum. Worried by all the loud cars and horns and motorbikes)

(Hi fireman)

(Fresh eggs from the market. Scrambled for Sunday dinner.)

(Simple summery kind of Sunday dinner. Bread recipe here.)


BellaBree said...

yay for ticked boxes! and Santa parades in randomly cray is that!!...thanks for the reciepe, always like making new breads...enjoy your week...I am working tomorrow! Yep scary thought, and its cuting into my sewing plans -grr....xx

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Oh Hanna I so admire your style. Love love the 'home' post, everything in it.
And those pixie-hats!!!
X Lies

Rennae said...

Your weekend sounds great. I love scrammbled eggs for dinner some nights. So simple and we all enjoy them. I had to let you know that I made a snail cake like the one you made for Liam. When my 4 year old saw it on you blog, that was the cake he wanted. I had to try to make it exactly the same via his request. He loved it, thanks.