Baking with carrots

I'm thinking about carrot cake. I'm going to cook one tonight, and tomorrow Liam is going to help me turn it into a special birthday cake for Isla. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing is my favourite kind of cake, and the kids think it's yummy too, and it seems a little healthier than some of the other options, so I always make it for their birthday cakes.

And thinking about carrot cake making has reminded me of some yummy carrot muffins we made last week. The recipe came from here.

(Rearranging the couch, waiting for the muffins to cook)

I'm always looking for recipies that are a little more healthy, I do like my baked goods, and if the biscuit tins are full, well, they don't stay full for too long. So I'm trying not to make too many sugary bad for me kind of things. These muffins only have 1/4 cup of sugar in them so they are really not very sweet at all, the raisins give them most of their sweetness.

Oh and speaking of birthday cakes - this is so sweet


meg said...

These look yummy. I'll have to check them out.

Anonymous said...

Baking WITH carrots, you must have some friendly carrots in your part of town.
I generally just bake alone, I think it would be much more fun to have a carrot or two to bake with.

Anonymous said...

Now tell me, what kind of company are these carrots, do they bake with you cause they want to, or do they just want to lick the bowl!

hanna said...

Well they are home grown carrots, which are of course the friendliest kind.

mee said...

Wouldn't let my current carrots near the cake mix! They are developing mould and are rather rubbery. Nope, it would be a case of "When carrots go BAD!"

hanna said...

yip, I should have mentioned that you do need to be a little discerning about which sort of carrots you invite. Carrots have been known to turn quite nasty at times. Especially those that have been around for a while.