Being at home

We were going to go to music this morning. But I was too tired. It took too long for my head to un-fuzz. Instead (once I felt awake) we had a busy and productive day at home. Isn't it nice just to stay home sometimes and get some stuff done! I do love it when the house is all tidy and vacuumed. It calms my mind.

I even aired our mattress outside in the sunshine and vacuumed under the bed.
And then attempted to make the bed again!

We did some strawberry picking in the garden. Two bowls today.

And I finally got around to making gingerbread men with the kids, something I've been meaning to do for ages. They had a great time.

And, as planned I finished everything to take up to the shop. Yay. So tomorrow we'll be taking a lovey wee drive up to Matakana to drop off the goods. Which of course means we'll also have to stop by the fabulous farmers market, and maybe the patisserie (mmmm) too.
And then we're catching up with Aaron's brother and family for a picnic lunch before taking the kids to the local Santa Parade.
Pretty good Saturday plan I reckon.
I hope you have a lovely Saturday plan too.


Mary Beth said...

What a wonderful post, Hanna! Tons of homey inspiration here. Have a great weekend!

mee said...

Wow Hanna. Hardly recognised your place hehe! I'm very impressed with your strawberries too!

hanna said...

Mum! My house is always (normally) this tidy!

Anonymous said...

LOL mothers. What a productive day!! I wish my strawberries were spitting them out like yours are. I haven't got any even out of flower yet. This post makes me think my house needs more baskets too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am impressed!! Sounds like you had a fab day, so glad you decided to stay home xx I am also very impressed with your strawberry harvest!

christina said...

*waving to you and the kids*
you have a beautiful home, friend.
i adore that table cloth.

Tamara said...

beautiful! i know precisely what you mean about tidying up to calm the mind. perfect.

Leah said...

Sounds lovely. Great Pictures, your house looks very homely indeed.The kids have been asking to make gingerbread too. I need to find a easy recipe. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Hashi said...

Love that big pile of sultanas on the gingerbread man!

homehearthappiness said...

You are so lucky to get 2 bowls - we got 2 whole strawberries - 1/2 each! x