A shop update

I have just finished making all these pixie hats for the shop. Most of them will be going to Happy Tree in Napier (which I blogged about here). But I may keep a couple back to sell online.
Rebecca from Happy Tree said the first lot of hats I sent down were very popular and people had been asking if they came in a larger size. So these ones are my new toddler size pattern.
They fit Isla (18 months) and Liam (nearly 3).

People always ask me how I find the time to make things.
Well these 10 hats have been made in 5 to 10 minute increments over about 4 weeks!
It's a bit crazy really. Slow and steady like a turtle.

Also new to the shop is this oh so pretty cot quilt from Frith.
I love all the vintage fabrics she has used.
This one has been added to the Felt shop. Go here for more pictures.

And lastly on the shop news...
We finally have an Etsy shop up and running! (yay yay yay) This has been a long time coming!
There are only four things in it at the moment, but there are many more to be added.
Hopefully I'll have a chance to list some more things on there this weekend.
See you back here next week.
Happy weekend wishes to you.
Hi again, I've just popped in to say, if you're visiting Etsy do pop by this shop for a browse. Her clothes are beautiful!


bellabree said...

how cute are those wee hats! clever you sugar!! Hey YOU have the best weekend! See you later!
Briar xx

melissa said...

wow- i love the little hats and the cot quilt is beautiful.
wishing you all the best with your new shop!

gardenmama said...

Sweet little hats! Love the mushroom one!
Best wishes with your shop!

sweetp said...

Hope you are having a nice weekend. I tagged you for a meme :D if you are keen but feel free to ignore if they are not your thing

speckled egg said...

Well done! It can be hard making all the things for a shop update-especialy when you're a busy Mum!

Jac said...

Yay Hanna! A fellow Etsy shop - hooray! Your hats are cute, (sadly I don't know any babies/toddlers they would fit and I'm not sure Sparky would be impressed if I made him wear a hat!) and I'm sure you'll do well. Love the little cot quilt also, those vintage fabrics are beautiful. (PS doesn't updating on Etsy tazke forever when you're new to it!)

Jac said...

PS I love the vintage paisley dress, shame it wouldn't fit me! :)

kimberlee said...

congrats on the opening of your etsy!

I really like that apple bonnet, may fav!