:: Handmade things
To a new shop in Napier.
Happy Tree.
I wish I lived in the area, I'd love to pop in and see what will be instore when it opens on the 1st of April.

...HAPPY TREE is all about supporting Mums/Nans/Aunts who wish to put their creativity into a small home run business. (With room to grow!) New Zealanders are becoming more aware of supporting our own economy and there has been quite a shift towards things made right here in Aotearoa. SO with that in mind the concept was created by myself for those Mums/Nans/Aunts who are creating some wonderful products for our babies and children to be able to bring together a fantastic collection ranging from slings to bibs to fun and funky clothing......
(From Rebecca Briggs, owner of Happy Tree )

Also off...
:: Aaron
To Thailand for the week.
For work.
We will miss him.

:: Us
To visit family, and stay the week.
So we're not home alone and thinking about how much we miss daddy.
So see you back here next week.
(With a very much overdue shop update)


Nikki Elisabeth said...

Oh wow. Happy Tree sounds amazing. I may have to stop in on my way to Gisborne for Easter! Thanks for the info.

And enjoy your week surrounded by family members... make the most of them doting on the kiddos.


Anonymous said...

Yey, cool to finaly get them off to the shop.
They look good, like ya labels! xx

Anonymous said...

Great sense of satisfaction when the pile mounts up to something substantial - well done. ;-)

Arrica said...

What precious merchandise.
Congrats on completion!
Can you tell me the fabric you used for the darling little white dress with the soft blue flowered trim at the bottom?

kimberlee said...

oh the stuff you made looks really great, and I like the sound of that shop!

hopefully they will get a website going so non nelson people can check it out too. kinda sorta.

thinkig of you while your man is away.

Agnes said...

I love your blog, your sewing and the pictures you take.
It's gorgeous!

hanna said...

Thankyou everyone for your sweet words.
Hi Arrica - not totally sure what the fabric is as it's an opp shop find. It's a thick soft unbleached cotton.