Sewing with knits

I've been doing lots of sewing with knit fabric lately.
Knit fabric is so forgiving, doesn't matter if the fit is not perfect.
I've made a lot of stretchy pants in the past for the kids but never tried t-shirts.
They kind of scared me. I could never get the edges finished nicely.
It's tricky edging around the neckline especially, without it being too fiddly or getting all stretched out of shape and funny.
But then I thought, hey, why not just sew a kind of cuff to the sleeves and around the neck.-

Why did I not think of this earlier.
So simple.
And so easy.
No messing around with bias binding.
No overstretched wrinkly edges. (Apart from the hem a bit, still got to get that one perfected).

I just traced around one of Isla's t-shirts to get my pattern.
These were so quick to make.
I have lots more planned.
I think I might alter them a bit to make the shape a bit more 'girly'. Maybe a slightly wider neckline, and some gathers on the sleeve.
I think the green striped one is particularly boyish. (I may actually give this one to my nephew Saxon).

I made these leggings too.
The grey ones are a little big, they're supposed to be tight on the legs but Isla has such pin legs.
The striped ones I altered a bit to make them kind of bootleg. They look supercute on, I should take a photo.

I'm having fun with all this.
You can be sure you'll be seeing some more soon.


Arrica said...

how did you make the leggins
I would like to make some for 7 yr old but am you have a pattern or book?

hanna said...

Hi Arrica
Yes I did use a pattern for these ones. Though I have made them before without a pattern. But that was for a 6 month old, I just kind of winged it and they worked out. But that would be harder if you're making bigger ones. I suggest you trace around a pair of existing leggings of you have some to make your own pattern. Like I said knit fabrics are so forgiving so it won't really matter if you don't have it perfect first time round.
I sewed mine with an overlocker. But you don't need an overlocker. The edges don't fray. Just sew with a little zig zag stitch to allow the seams to stretch a bit with the fabric.

Happy to help if you have more questions :o)

Jessicah said...

Just one of the reasons I want small children. I love the stencil and the cloud!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love these - I've been collecting different knits for the day that I'm finally brave enough to try sewing with them and you've made it sound so straight forward that I may yet give it a go.

melissa said...

these are so cute hanna. love the stencil on isla's one!
when arlo was a baby + toddler i was really into making t-shirts for him. i used to sew a band of extra fabric (like you did with the sleeves and neckline) around the bottom, too- to avoid having to hem them!

kimberlee said...

very very impressive. Where do you find your stretchy fabric?

hanna said...

Thanks for your kind comments. That's a good idea Melissa! Might just try that on the next one.
Manda - definately give it a go, get those knits out now!

Kimberlee - The green stripe came from my local emporium. The cream came from the opp shop. And the other two fabrics were leftovers that someone gave me. - That about sums up how I get most may fabric!

mee said...

I found that using the zig-zag stitch but 'barely'- if you know what I mean?- helped reduce that wiggly hem. Failing that, a band just like neck & sleeves sorts it!

busygnomes said...

Hi Hanna,
Flowertinker stopped by my blog to say that she won't be in blog space for a while, Could you pass on for me; a thankyou for sharing her creativity, and her daily journey of life,and that I'll miss her dearly.
I do hope that everything is alright.
Thanks Hanna,

Anonymous said...

Those are so totaly cute, I will have to make some for Saxon.
Ive got heaps of fabric paints too, to do stencils!
Cant wait till you arrive this week, its going to be great, hope the kiddies are ready for all the crafting we are going to be doing!