Home again

Actually been home since Saturday. But it's been one of those weeks.
Where life seems a little crazy with two small people in the house.
Where it's just about keeping the house and the children up and running.
And nothing else.
No time to blog. No time to read. Not time to sew. No time to weed. No time to rest.
No time for any 'extracurricular' activities.
And everything seems to grow that you don't want to grow.
The weeds. The piles of washing. The to-do lists. The layers of dust. The cobwebs in the corners, that the layers of dust like to hang out on.

But anyway, today has been a little better so far.
I'm on here writing this, so that's something.
Plus all these tomatoes that ripened while we were away are now bubbling on the stove and turning into tomato sauce.

And now both the children are asleep! At the same time! Truly amazing!

So I'm about to open this little box of tea fromThailand, and sit down with a cuppa and read, maybe for a whole ten minutes. Better go.

Oh, ok, scrap that, Isla is awake already.
So instead lets just sit and have a listen to this song.
My sister just sent it to me. (Thanks x)
Going to be one of her wedding songs.
Love it.


Anonymous said...

...and it was great to have seen those tomatoes hanging on the vines..after sitting in the garden over lunch. Hope the sauce is good..GG

Ange said...

Tomato sauce!! Glorious!!

busygnomes said...

Great song, perfect for a wedding.
I have just made some tomato sauce today,the house smells very saucey.
Did you happen read my last post to you? I was hoping you might be able to tell me that Josie was alright?
hope you had a nice week away.

Our Green Nest said...

OH MY - look at all those tomatoes! YUMMY!