Tomato sauce

Well, thought I better share the recipe.
It's very yummy. Rich and tasty. Would be great for pizzas.
I think I over cooked mine (I seem to have done this with most my preserves so far). So it's very thick and sticky and the sugars have caramelised slightly.
But still, very yummy.

:: Tomato Sauce ::

- 2.5 kg tomatoes
- 3 cups vinegar
- 900g sugar
- 25g allspice (tied in muslin)
- 50g salt

Bring to the boil in a large pot and simmer gently for 2.5 hours, then boil rapidly for 10 minutes. Remove allspice, process in a blender and bottle.
I ended up with almost 3 jars.
Why the random photo with the cats I hear you say.
Just bought them home from the opp shop.
Cute aye.


Anonymous said...

Well, a trip to the local oppy, it looks like a better day!!

Heart Felt said...

Yum, thanks for sharing. xx

Veronica said...

I used to have two little kitties like that!

Sauce sounds yum.

Mary Beth said...

Do you have to worry about seeding the tomatoes, or just cut them up and go for it??