I love weekends : 2

I really enjoyed taking little snapshots of our weekend last week.
So I thought I'd do it again. It may become a regular thing here.
It's a great way to remember the little things that go on.
The things that you don't generally remember in a month or year, or even just a week.
Like how I was just icing my carrot cake warm from the oven when family knocked on the door.
So we all sat down and enjoyed it together over a hot cup of tea.

May gardening. The weeds are easy to pull after all the rain we've had.
Aaron planted a beautiful magnolia tree, in the pouring rain. And a guava and two blueberry bushes.
The magnolia has flowered already. The first of many.
I'm so happy, I've always wanted one.

The first lemons off our little lemon tree. The one that Frith gave us when Isla was born.

The second batch of wholemeal ginger slice this week.

A little time to knit. I really want to get it finished before this winter is over.

Aaron drawing with the kids. On the back of a weetbix box.
I love the name of the airline. Air Smile.

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I think it's my favourite kind of cake.


Anonymous said...

I had carrot cake too! At Dadas, some that Aunty Jill had sent him home with.
I had forgotten about that wee lemon tree, yay for gifts that keep on giving xx
Sounds like you guys will soon be the place with fruit trees dripping with fruit! But none going to waste, by crikey!
Tinned fruit, jam, dried fruit, fresh fruit, fruit juice, bottled fruit, pies, smoothies.......

Rennae said...

Your weekend looks wonderful. I think I am going to need the receipe for the ginger slice. We have huge ginger fans in our family. Thank you for sharing.

Simply Vintagegirl said...

What lovelies! And how sweet to have a magnolia tree, their blooms are beautiful!

Have you always lived in NZ? :)

Joyfully in Christ,
Miss Emily Rose

ashley morgan said...

That looks like such a nice weekend. With carrot cake, how could it not be?

Helen said...

Lovely post! Thanks for reminding me to bask in the moments...in the lovely 'now'!

x Helen

briar said...

oh yay for family dropping in AND carrot cake...love the pics...have a great week chicky!

sweetp said...

oh i have a hankering for carrot cake now!! yum

Jac said...

Aaah...such a lovely weekend you had Hanna; cake, gardening, knitting - how nice to have time for things like this. I am so impressed by your lemon tree, (as nothing like this will grow in the uk)how lovely to be able to go and pick your own lemons!