Where did the week go

I can't believe it's Friday already.
It's been a busy week of this and that and all sorts.
There's been family visiting and first time dentist visits.
And baking and cooking and weeding of my overgrown garden.
And playing and reading and colouring and making pixie hats.
And cleaning and washing and folding.
You know, those sorts of things.

Frith sent me this picture during the week.
And I laughed and was thankful I only had two little ones to clean up after.

Those two little ones are now sleeping so I'm off to have a cup of tea and read for a bit.
I will be back next week with lots of catch up posts of things I meant to post about this week.

If you have some time for internet browsing this weekend you may want to check out this link.
Sew Mama Sew is hosting a mammoth giveaway thingy - so many wonderful goodies being given away by so many wonderful crafty bloggers.

And now, you know I love weekends! So I'm off to enjoy another one.


speckled egg said...

Hmmmm... My week disapeared as well. Mysterious!

Trina D said...

Hi Hanna

I just love your blog.
Your photos are sweet and capture so much and I love that you say so much in a small about of words.

Trina D

Jac said...

Hey Hanna, I know exactly what you mean, some weeks are just over in the blink of an eye, usually when you realise there are so many things you should have done! Here's to weekends,hope you had a lovely one!

Cut&Alter said...

Many thanks for the Sew Mama Sew link - I've found some lovely blogs to read and also entered a few of the giveaways! Hope your still enjoying your weekend on this long weekend! x

Jacoline said...

Hi thanks for the tip. I'm off now to see what it is. have a good week.