I love weekends

My garden is overgrown and everything is going to seed.
But the rocket flowers are quite pretty.

Wholemeal ginger crunch.

Crafting with a cider vinegar and honey drink. I feel a cold coming.

The apples off mum's tree are so big and juicy and delicious.

It's hailing outdside!

The bay leaves are off your tree Dada.

The Bok Choy flowers are also quite pretty.

Tiny but so sweet and juicy. The first mandarin off our little tree.
Two little faces watching and waiting.


speckled egg said...

Lovely images. I adore weekends too, especially Sundays!

Amy B. said...

What lovely pictures. I have enjoyed reading your blog so much...great crafty ideas! :)

mee said...

Love checking in to your site just so I can see my grandchillins! And isn't that wholemeal ginger crunch deelish!I'ts rationed here but one chunky piece is enough decadence to last, oh, an hour or two!

Cut&Alter said...

Hi Hanna - just 'refound' your lovely blog. What great pictures, ideas and creativity. I look forward to coming back soon! x PS your post with the painted rocks in really made me laugh - my little girl likes to sleep with hard inanimate objects in her nappy too!

apples for poppy anne said...

Oh what lovely photos!
Your littles are adorable!
Love your blog!

gardenmama said...

Oh, what gorgeous photos!!
Love the creative glimpses into your life!
Eek! The picture of your little one dressed in red with the red apple!!!! So great!
Be well : )

Heart Felt said...

What a warm and loving weekend, hope your cold didn't come to anything. Ian and I are both fighting a head cold off at the moment, stay warm. xx

Kimberlee and Lies said...

I'm catching up on your beautiful posts here, all goodness! You looked STUNNING in your dress at your sis's wedding! Always gorgeous photo's!
X Lies

taisa said...

beautiful photos. The red clothes and apple one is my favorite too!

flapjacs said...

Your blog is beautiful! I've added you to my Flickr page so I can keep up with your photography.
I am so happy to have found a fellow kiwi blogger.
Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good Luck!
Keep in touch we might be able to do a swap one day.
Your pictures at the beach make me homesick.
I'm from Auckland.
bloomingnihon - Jacqui

STEPHANIE. said...

YOu have such a beautiful blog..I really enjoy it!

Jacoline said...

I love weekend, I love everyday and I love your blog. Thanks jacoline

Simply Vintagegirl said...

You have a beautiful blog, thank you for sharing such sweet little snippets of your life. I am going to add it to my Bloglines right now! :D

Thank you for entering my giveaway! :)

Joyfully in Christ,
Miss Emily Rose

Our Green Nest said...

All of these shots are just beautiful! Have a wonderful day!!!