I just stumbled upon Kathleen's blog Grosgrain.
She makes super lovely things.
She is giving away this fabulous dress which she refashioned from a slightly frumpy dress that she bought second hand.
It makes me want to go to the opp shop right away and see what I can find to fix up and make pretty.

Go take a look to see how you too can go in for the chance to win this oh so pretty dress.


Anonymous said...

What huge juicy looking apples - spoken with envy from Australia. And of course, what especially beautiful grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

That dress rocks!! I was just thinking about going to the oppshop myself and looking for something to revamp.
Isla looks so cute in those shoes. Girls are fun.

Lauranie said...

hi from Lafayette, LA, USA! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Yours is very inspiring!! You make BEAUTIFUL things, children included! Bread, cookies...YUM! I'll be visiting again! :)