They're all growing so fast

Another little one turned one.
This time my niece Lilliana.
So happy birthday sweet little cheeky thing that you are.

And also a happy belated birthday to your beautiful big sister Evelyn who turned three last month and we missed it. Instead we spent the day in hospital with Isla. Certainly not as fun as eating cake.

These are the presents that they opened from us.

Fleece pinafore for Lilly. I love the pocket fabric. I have a skirt planned for me using this.

Waterproof apron for Evelyn.
And here is Saxon's present that I said I would show once it had arrived.

Fleece vest. Frith just sent me a pic of him wearing his new outfit. See here.

Fleece pants. It's getting cold!

And while we're on the subject, here are some more presents that have been made and given that I've been meaning to show. But have never quite got around to it.

Pj pants for my two sisters. Made from old flannel sheets.
Pincushion for my friend Carla. I need one of these myself!

Velvet nappy for Carla's wee boy Luke.

Hat. Dancing bells. Mushroom rattle.
A baby shower gift for a friend who now has a 1 month old little darling.

And this reminds me, I must show you what I gave Ra and Frith for their wedding. That's one for next week.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Poppi (grandad) is over from Australia so we have some nice family time ahead of us.


gardenmama said...

Hello! I found your blog from your comment on Bluebirdbaby's blog : )
Gorgeous banner!
Love the little mushroom rattle!

Jac said...

Wow Hanna - looks like you've been very busy!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you gave as a wedding present!

Anonymous said...

So when did you get a snap of my cotton reels? I just noticed!

Niki said...

Hello! i've had a look around your blog but can't seem to see an email contact - i'm an Honours student at Canterbury who is studying crafty-business blogs for my dissertation, and was wondering if you would be willing to participate? if you can email me at i can let you know more details about it. :)
Thanks so much!

melissa said...

your blog is looking so beautiful these days! i love all the pictures- you've been making so many lovely things. :)