The other half of Crafty Kin

If you don't already know, there are two kin to Crafty Kin.
My sister Frith is the other half.
We live two hours drive from each other, but we bring together our crafty wares and sell them in our little Crafty Kin shop.
Frith does get mentioned around here quite a bit. (Especially in the last week or so).
But she's yet to join in on this wee blog herself.
I've been making suggestions for a while that she stop by and say hello and share some things that are going on.

So today is the day.
Hi Frith!
She is going to share with us a simple little tutorial for these neat confetti bags that she made for her wedding day.

If you're getting married soon, or just feel like throwing some rice around you might find this useful.
(Hey just had a thought. You could fill these with sweets and use them as party favours too!)

Hello Hanna & fellow bloggers,

Frith here, you probably feel as though you already know me quite well ( due to all those pics Hanna has posted ), hope you enjoy this wee tutorial, its simple & everyone loved them at the wedding.

:: Wedding confetti bags ::

You will need:
- one old childrens book or mag or similar, I got mine for 10c from my local oppy.
- pinking shears
- rice
- sewing machine/thread

First cut a page from the book, my pages were approx 20cm x 15cm, then I cut that in half.

Cut all around edge with pinking shears.

Fold into 3, then sew along the bottom about 1cm from the edge.

Half fill with rice then sew up the top.


Tear the top and throw!!


briar said...

....and the were lots of fun...poor Frith had them all in her hair....made some similar as sweet packets to thank people for coming to a party, and they worked great!
love to you

Jac said...

Hello Frith, This is a neat idea, not htat I'm planning on getting married anytime soon as I'm not sure my husband would be very happy as we've been married 13years but a cool idea for any friends. The sweetie idea is a nice one! :)

busygnomes said...

Just lovely Frith.
Wishing you a wonderful fun-filled married life.
You looked gorgeous on the day.